As a life-long resident of the greater Winston-Salem area, I have many, many memories of Reynolda, from childhood picnics in the front lawn to now walking the trails with my husband, son, and dog. But there are two memories that I specifically wish to share, as part of your story collection project. While I do not remember the years or my exact age, I was early elementary school-aged for both of these.

My mother, Barbara Wilkerson, was a docent at Reynolda House when I was a child. As a thank you to docents, Reynolda House hosted a party for them and their families. I remember how fun it was to have the house to ourselves for the party - I felt so glamorous! I also remember that we got to bowl in the bowling alley in the basement. It was great fun.

My father, Tracy Wilkerson, and I had a special father-daughter holiday excursion to Reynolda House and Graylyn one weekend afternoon during December so I could see both houses decorated for the holidays. I remember marveling at the gorgeous Christmas tree that, as I recall, dominated the middle of the Reynolda House living room, reaching up well into the open space level with the second floor. The dining room table was set for the holidays, with china and silver sparkling. It was a special treat for me to have time with my dad, without my mom and sister along, experiencing the Christmas magic at Reynolda House. Now, as an adult, I try every year to make a visit during the holidays to enjoy this magical season, and last year I brought my son for his first Reynolda House holiday experience.

-Molly K.